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“Connected lifts” are where the IoT (Internet of Things) and lifts meet. This technology allows lifts to relay information on their use and status in real time, giving the concept of preventive maintenance a whole new meaning and paving the way for a new generation of services


Direct connectivity

Longer lift life

Preventive remote maintenance

Suitable for new and existing lifts


Both. The technology involved in ‘connected lifts’ is currently a reality that lift manufacturers, installation companies and maintenance companies are using and taking full advantage of. Of course, different companies have different capacities in this regard. In the future, this technology looks set to bring about a real disruption and revolution in the world of lifts through new solutions.

Nothing in particular. If your building can have a lift, then it can have a ‘connected lift’. Current technology and techniques used for installing lifts mean a connected lift is possible in the vast majority of cases.

Depending on the brand of your lift, the manufacturer may offer add-on connectivity equipment to turn your lift into a ‘connected lift’. MP offers this kind of equipment, which is compatible with any MP lift, as well as certain lifts from other brands.

The lift and the maintenance company are able to communicate directly with each another. This allows the lift’s status to be monitored remotely in real time, with problems being detected automatically. It also allows certain remote maintenance work to be carried out. This makes maintaining your lift much easier, and optimises its operability, safety and useful life.

What this technology does is connect lifts to other systems through the internet for the benefit of people. The progress made in telecommunications has meant the traditional analogue phone, compulsory in lifts, is being replaced by a digital line which allows voice audio and data to be relayed, meaning these lifts can send and receive information. This allows them to handle M2M (machine to machine) protocols and thus connect to the IoT (Internet of Things) to communicate with other machines through the internet. This is used to improve lift maintenance protocols and systems.

The technology is not particularly expensive, and all you need is an active telephone line. All new MP lifts include everything necessary for ‘connected lift’ technology to be used. For older MP lifts, we offer add-on connectivity equipment which allows them to be turned into ‘connected lifts’.

None at all, as the lift works by connecting to the internet through its telephone line.

In a nutshell – it improves the way lifts work. The IoT (Internet of Things) is a system that uses the internet to allow machines to communicate with one another. When we say ‘machines’, we’re actually referring to all kinds of things we use on a daily basis, such as lifts. For example, a connected lift is able to communicate with its maintenance service and receive information on the time of day to allow it to reduce the noise it makes. The IoT is undoubtedly opening up a whole host of possibilities for the running and maintenance of lifts.

Apart from being able to remotely monitor your lift’s status 24 hours a day, as well as detect any problems, our technology allows us to be connected to the needs of your lift in order to offer you a truly personalised service.

MP innovations: connecting us to you


This is the brain of these lifts, a digital and fully connected controller, considered to be one of the best on the market. Information on use and status is sent via the lift’s telephone line, allowing remote maintenance and repair work to be carried out.



For older lifts that do not have a digital controller such as MP ecoGO, our add-on equipment allows your lift to connect to the internet to send and receive data. This equipment is compatible with MP lifts and certain lifts from other brands.



We’ve created a cloud-based platform which allows our lifts to communicate with our technical team. It processes the data sent by each lift and makes this available to our team, as well as allowing repair and maintenance work to be carried out remotely, meaning we are able to pre-empt faults and therefore extend the useful life of your lift.



At MP, we like to forge a special relationship with our customers and users, understanding their needs and offering them an outstanding service. Our lifts have always connected us to our customers and users, and now our ‘connected lifts’ have brought us closer than ever to each other.

The world of lifts is our passion. That’s why we love to come up with new ideas to improve the lives of our customers, and make them a reality. Our ‘connected lifts’ are a direct result of this innovation, allowing us to make further improvements in terms of comfort, reliability and useful life.

This core value is at the very heart of everything we do. What could be more important than the lives and safety of our staff, customers and users? Lifts with this technology can be constantly monitored, therefore allowing any problems to be pre-empted. This increases safety and means your lift is never out of service.

We honour our commitments to our customers and suppliers with honesty and loyalty. After all, we’re partners with shared interests. The direct communication made possible by this technology means total transparency and allows us to improve the services we offer.

We don’t just meet the expectations of our customers and users, we exceed them in our quest for excellence. Our ‘connected lifts’ are yet another step forward on this path, which is why we’re one of the first companies to have included this technology on all our new lifts.


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